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A Typical Cruise as a Cruise Ship Photographer.

Cruise Ship Embarkation photos; this is when the passengers board the ship, and the cruise ship photographers usually have a "Welcome To...." board, that they stand next to, often with the date on, you have to stop them and take their picture.. usually from 8 am to about 3pm, or for however long embarkation takes.

We used to take cruise pictures at Life boat drill, with the pax in the life jackets, but not all lines do this now.

Formal nights are the biggest night for cruise ship photographers; you set up various 'portrait' areas around the ship, and have to 'smudge' (persuade) the pax to have a picture taken. Also the cruise ship photographers used to shoot the Captains cocktail party, the dining room (tables and couples) and the Captains handshake (when the pax meet the captain) for both dinner sittings.

I used to dress up as a pirate and the cruise ship photographers would smudge the dining room....taking pictures of the pax with me grimacing between them! Also a couple of the dancers would get dressed in the glitzy "feathers and sequins outfits" and the cruise ship photographers would smudge the pax as they left the dining room.

Gangway pictures as the pax leave in various ports, usually an early start...!!

Deck pictures on days at sea, or at sail away party's....

Passenger Talent Show shots....

The cruise ship photographers would sometimes go on the tours too..... pretty much anywhere the pax go, including beach BBQ's

Of course it takes a while to print the shots, and I remember after a hard formal night shooting from 6 pm to about 10.30pm, then processing and printing the photos till 5 am... nice... Now the mini labs make it a lot quicker.

The cruise photographs have to be sold, in the Photo Gallery, and so that needs to be manned too. On sea days usually from 9am to 12, then 3pm to 6pm, then 8pm to 10.30pm...or open all day!!!

Actual sales vary on the type of pax, the cruise length and area of the world you are cruising to.

Most sales are made on the last day, as people wait to see what all their photos look like before buying.

The number of cruise ship Photographers working on board a cruise ship depends on the size of the ship and number of passengers...... a ship with up to 800 pax would have about 3, however most of the new ships have about 3000 or more pax, so probably about 10 or more photographers. You would share a cabin with one of the other cruise ship photographers, usually bunk beds, but not always the case.

Training is usually on the job, but expect to be thrown in the deep end.....(pardon the pun!) You would be expected to have some photographic experience.
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